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Hitting the road in winter comes with a set risks. Regardless of whether the roads are clear or icy, drivers still might encounter unique problems. These might include frequent darkness, inclement weather, and reckless drivers. If you encounter problems on the road this winter, it's important to have assistance on hand. READ MORE >>

Pets tend to be welcome guests for friends and family. However, pets pose risks to everyone who enters your house. Even if a pet causes harm innocently, it could still cause problems with financial ramifications. Your home's liability insurance can often help you in the event your pet damages a guest's property. READ MORE >>

Renters insurance provides protection for negligence claims. It is your responsibility to make sure anyone who visits your home is safe there. If someone falls or suffers an injury, they may file a claim against your liability insurance. Your policy can usually provide protection. READ MORE >>

Terrorism insurance is a growing need for companies today. Standard business insurance usually does not cover acts of terrorism. Businesses can often add it with a policy endorsement. This is a type of special addition or rider to the policy. Should your business add it? Your business insurance agent can help you find out. READ MORE >>

If you drive under the influence of alcohol, you pose a huge risk not just to yourself but others on the road. Often, drunk drivers receive DUI charges. As a result of the charge, they might need to obtain an SR-22 certificate. Should you receive this penalty, you have to work with your auto insurance provider. READ MORE >>

Most RV drivers have to carry the right insurance policy for the vehicle. States usually have coverage minimums, in addition to a variety of other requirements. Therefore, getting the proper coverage is imperative. When you apply for coverage, work with your insurance agent to determine the coverage for your vehicle. READ MORE >>

Some people only ride their motorcycles during good weather. Others only ride seasonally. Riding during optimal conditions reduces the risk that a biker will encounter operational hazards. This increases the biker’s safety given the sensitive operational needs of the bike. READ MORE >>

It’s that time of year when the sun is out, the breeze is blowing and the ocean is calling your name. Summer … the perfect time to get the boat and take on the world. Before you can even think about sailing, your boat must be in tip-top shape. Here are a few things you should do to get ready: READ MORE >>

If you buy travel insurance, you likely have coverage for a variety of scenarios. Travel insurance means to protect you from losses you might experience during a trip. There is always a chance that your planned travel could not go over as expected. You might not be able to travel at all or you may have to return home sooner than planned. READ MORE >>

Flooding is perhaps one of nature’s most dangerous weather occurrences. Water damage could easily devastate your home. You might lose personal belongings and even the home itself. The financial ramifications of floods are equally devastating. However, perhaps the biggest threat flooding poses is its risk to homeowners themselves. READ MORE >>

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